TE1313PL, TE1325 and TE1530PL CNC Plasma Cutter

$17,445.00 +GST

Using the same chassis as our popular CNC Router machines – these CNC plasma cutters come with a choice of LGK (Quality Chinese),  Victortherm (USA), or Hypertherm (USA) sources in various powers.



Need to cut full sized metal sheets/plate but can’t justify a Fibre laser?

The TE1313PL, TE1325PL or TE1530PL are the perfect choice.

Choose either the space-saving half-bed, larger full-sheet 2500 x 1300 or supersize-me 1500 x 3000 bed formats that enables full sheet loading of metal sheets and depending upon the choice of power will cut upto 0-20mm Carbon steel, 0-8mm Stainless Steel and some non-ferrous metals with ease.

The 750W servo motor and rack/pinion drive is fast and can traverse at upto 20,000mm/min (18m/min) or if you choose to go faster, the larger 1000W+ Servos can travel upto 60,000mm/min.

Included in the standard order package is:

  • 1 x TE1313PL 120Amp with bed sized to 1300mmx1300mm.
  • Servo motor drives – Leadshine 750W. Can be upgraded to Yakasawa.
  • Automatic Torch Height Controller
  • 1 x Digital installation media (FastCAM Plasma) simple and powerful cutting/processing software
  • Catch Tray (no waterbath)
  • 1 x Toolkit containing maintenance and servicing tools

Additional Options:

Waterbath, 1000W German, US or Japanese Servo drives, Hypertherm, Victortherm sources.

Requires a high volume air supply of at least 6.4CFM for cutting – not supplied.

Additional information

Weight 1750 kg
Dimensions 3500 x 2200 x 2500 cm