TE-1500FX Fume filter/extractor

$2,947.00 +GST

Internal building discharge removable media filter/extractor for use with CO2 and RF laser systems.


1500W single blower system suitable for fume filtration and dust collection for both Glass tube and Solid State Laser cutting/engraving systems < 1600mm x 1000mm in size.

Four stage filtration and purification is designed to ensure filtration and return cleaned exhaust back to the room:

Primary filter + Medium Efficiency Filter + Main HEPA filter + Gas filter all of which can be replaced individually to extend each filter’s life and reduce filter ongoing replacement.
Stage 1 – G3 Primary filter removes larger and heaviest smoke & dust particles >=5Micron.
Stage 2 – F8 Medium efficiency bag filter removes large particles / smoke / dust >=1Micron
Stage 3 – H13 Class HEPA filter removes the smallest of smoke particles >=0.01Micron
Stage 4 – Activated Carbon gas filter to absorb smells & gas >99.7% efficient.

Chassis mounted on moveable castors for easy servicing, comes with 1 x full set of filters.

Additional information

Weight 140 kg
Dimensions 80 x 80 x 160 cm



Height – 1500mm
Width – 550mm
Depth – 500mm

Intake Diameter

150mm (standard)
200mm (special order)

Air Volume

1500m3/hr @ 2300PA

Motor Power


Noise Level