Filtration Units

We, at MakerspaceNZ all love the pristine environment we enjoy here in New Zealand and want to help keep it that way.

Our lasers are absolutely fantastic machines but have the negative effect of creating fumes and dust which as standard units discharge this outside via the blower *cough*… (can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, right?) ..

Well, we think there’s a better way and we’d like to offer you a different option, so we can all breathe easy and keep the NZ outdoors beautiful!

Enter the Internal discharge, recycling filtration units – we’ll be bringing a few models online ranging in power and complexity from both UK and Chinese manufacturers. All are great quality and suit all our CO2 Glass and RF machines in sizes 1600mm x 1000mm and below. If you need to go larger we can also offer huuuuuuge versions, so please drop us a line.