CNC Routers

Please contact us about information on other sizes and specifications for machines we offer:

Bed sizes:

  • 900mm x 600mm x 160mm(z)
  • 1300mm x 1300mm x 250mm(z)
  • 2500mm x 1300mm x 250mm(z)
  • 3000mm x 1500mm x 250mm(z)


  • Auto Tool Changing (9 tool, linear)
  • Rotary drives (4th axis), fixed/permanent or removable.
  • Misting systems for Aluminum processing
  • Auto-oilers
  • Pop-up location stops/clamps
  • Vacuum bed, Vac+T-slot, T-slot & pumps to suit from 3kW (single phase), 4-7.5kW (3-phase)
  • Aircooled or Watercooled Spindles – although we build air-cooled as standard from 1.5kW to 11kW.
  • Servo or Stepper driven in Chinese, Japanese or German drives.

Control systems:

We prefer a build with the simple, stable and easy to learn A1X DSP-pendant systems listed in our pricing and information guides, however, if you have experience of, or a preference for other control type we can also offer:

  • NCStudio
  • Mach 3/4
  • A5X DSP
  • NK105 G3 DSP
  • Syntec
  • Siemens